Collected Tools and Cheat Sheets to Help Make Your Rocket Kerbal-Proof


This site is intended to be a repository of Kerbal Space Program cheat-sheets and utilities.
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Useful Tools & Tutorials

The Wiki and The SubReddit, of course.

The Drawing Board: A Mega-Thread by Specialist290 with lots of tutorials and resources


Olex's Interplanetary Guide & Calculator

alexmoon's Launch Window Planner

GavinZac's "Where can I go" tool

Simple interplanetary burn calculation method by babtras

Maxwell Fern's 3-step docking guide

Alterbaron's Aerobraking Calculator

Psawhn's ideal altitudes and inclinations for surveying planets

check85's Parachute Calculator

Celestial Body Parameters (last updated as of v0.18.2)

subhumann's Actual Pilot's Guide to Plane & SSTO Design

HostisHumaniGeneris's Tutorial for Calculating TWR & Delta-V for Ultralight Landers

Arrowstar's Trajectory Optimization Tool

Guide on phase angle calculation with only maneuver nodes

Quorthon's Heights for synchronous and semi-synchronous orbits

Cheat Sheets

(Click for full-size)

Delta-V Map
CuriousMetaphor's Delta-V map. More information here.
Krizzen's Interplanetary Transfers map with optimal ejection angles
Delta-V Graph
Salaja's engine-fuel graphs. See all three here. More information here.
Tavert's engine-fuel graphs (based on Salaja's and updated). See all of them here. Layman's instructions here. More information here. Information on generating these graphs here.
Flight Controls Keyboard Map
KSP Flight Controls Keyboard Map (as of 0.22) by Trigger Au. High-res and dark versions available here.
Build Controls Keyboard Map
KSP Build Controls Keyboard Map (as of 0.22) by Trigger Au. High-res and dark versions available here.
Burkitt's Manned Munar Landing Mission Profile (based on the Apollo chart below). White background version here.
Guide to the Apollo Program Staging. Available as a poster here.
alterB's Atmospheric Landing Chart. More information here. Source here.
alterB's Multi-Planet Atmospheric Landing Chart. More information here. Shallow re-entry landing and even more information here.
alterB's Jool Aerocapture chart. More information here. See also the aerobraking calculator.
tavert's Landing and Takeoff Delta-V vs TWR and specific impulse charts. More charts for the other planets here.
subhumann's SSTO Ascent Profile. Full Plane/SSTO Guide here.
atomic_houseboat's Mission Flow Diagram
alterbaron's KSC landing chart. More info here. Also see: corpsmoderne's guide to precise KSP landings.
thepseudomonkey's engine data charts -- see all of them here.
thepseudomonkey's parachute graphs (see both here).

Useful Mods

MechJeb or Kerbal Engineer

Telemachus: Telemetry & Flight Control in the Browser

Telescoping Hull Camera

Haystack (searchable ship list)

PreciseNode (Maneuver Node Assistant)

Chatterer (sound effects)

Toolbar (buttons for mods with wide support)